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Beautifully clever television technology...

At Tech2O we love making bigger, better, cleverer televisions. Our exceptional waterproof televisions are made for use outdoors, and in poolrooms and bathrooms. Our proprietary interactive cyber mirrors combine tablet, internet and TV under a stunning mirrored surface.

All of our indoor and outdoor televisions, bathroom televisions and mirror televisions boast impeccable HD picture, superior sound and extras… From smart-TV functionality to integrated Wi-FI and stereo sound options. This is the new generation of television. And television has never looked or sounded better.

Cutting edge televisions – designed for you

It’s not just the technology that makes a difference… Tech2O gives you the widest choice of outdoor, bathroom, and kitchen televisions in the market – giving you more colour and size options, and more ways to integrate the technology you love into your life.

Tech2O televisions – all made in-house

We bring you an unrivalled range of luxury televisions at an affordable price. That’s because it’s all done in house – design, manufacture, everything. So we can customise our televisions to fit your needs, your space, and your budget.

Waterproof televisions - safety first

All of our waterproof televisions boast state of the art technology and meet industry waterproof classifications (IP65) and European safety regulations (CE and RoHS) for an unequivocal safety guarantee.

Find your perfect television…

Take a look at our range, or get in touch to discuss what you want from your perfect television…

Clearly better  how Tech2os Mirror Television range has raised the bar

Clearly better how Tech2os Mirror Television range has raised the bar

Monday 13th October 2014

We’re very proud of our Mirror Televisions – a product range we designed and developed from scratch. And we know that lots of you love them too. The science behind the mirror technology is a big part of the ‘wow’ factor. How can something that looks like a mirror be a ... Read the full post